Vizrt is a software company creates leading-edge content production tools for the digital media industry - from award-winning 3D graphics & maps through integrated video workflow solutions and online publishing tools. Vizrt software is used by many of the world's broadcasters and publishing houses, including: Aljazeera, CNN, CBS, Fox, BBC, Sky, ITN, ZDF, Star TV, Network 18, TV Today, CCTV, NHK, The Globe and Mail, The Telegraph, Die Welt Online, and GMA Network. I joined as a Software Engineer in Vizrt Bangladesh at May, 2010. Here I am working in Viz Media Logger application which is used to track media files in Media Asset Management System, media framework and reusable component development. Technologies: C#, C++, WPF, WCF based RESTFUL web services, Bazaar, Visual Studio 2010, Prod(Our custom software configuration management system) and JIRA.

Key responsibilities

  • Perform product design related research, conducting workshop to build mock user interfaces with small blocks of paper and defining interactions between different blocks and modules.
  • Developing reusable components (e.g. media player, media time code control, GUI rendering from XML specification etc.) and a media plug-in in Vizrt's proprietary media framework to render D3DImage in WPF surface so that the Video Player can support overlays.
  • Developing custom controls in WPF, generate stub classes from WADL (Web Application Description Language) specification and coded corresponding serialization, authorization functionality, writing unit/integration test cases.
  • Writing Tests (unit, functional, integration and UI mock up tests).
  • As an active Scrum team developer, participate in various Scrum activities(Sprint planning, retrospective, daily stand-up Scrum meeting).
  • Write & document code strictly following pre defined coding convention.