MedSnap's mission is to improve patient medication safety and adherence. MedSnap ID allows you to save critical time identifying prescription medications. I worked as a Summer 2013 Intern in Software Engineering at MedSnap.

Key responsibilities

  • Developed infrastructure automation framework for so that server infrastructure can be modeled in code and reproduced any time in virtual environments. Wrote OpsCode chef cookbooks to design IT infrastructure and application delivery with source code. Technologies: Ruby, OpsCode chef, Vagrant, Unix Shell Scripting
  • Developed Prescription and Non Prescription Pills Search, Priority Review Pills pages for Medsnap's field data collection tool with dynamic client side filtering and paging. Technologies: Ajax, Php, MySQL, CSS.
  • Coded SnapLabUpload tool for Medsnap Snap Lab. This daemon archives snapped images of pills, and uploads those to a server; another daemon scans the newly uploaded archives, performs archive validation and orders them in a hierarchical directory structure for further processing. Technologies: Launchd, Unix Shell Script, C#