Media Agency Management System

A media agency is a company which help companies to communicate with current and potential consumers and/or the general public. This software is a complete outdoor media management package developed for one of the largest media consulting group in Bangladesh, MAXUS.

Main Functionalities and Reports:

  • Entry subsection
    • Offer from supplier(Board such as bill board, shop sign, mega sign) entry, update, remove
    • Bus branding, LED offer entry, update, remove
    • Keypoint information entry, update
    • Job description entry
    • Supplier offer report
    • Keypoint information report
    • Supplier report
  • Implementation
    • Propose a site(a site is a combination of board, bus and led)
    • Proposal approval
    • Proposal report
    • Site status monitor
    • Plan generation
    • Plan edit, approval and print
    • Workorder generation
    • Workorder edit, approve and print
    • Payorder generation
    • Payorder edit, approve and print
    • Bill creation and posting bill to accounts database
    • Implementation report
  • Master entry section
    • Area entry, update, delete
    • District entry, update, delete
    • Type entry, update, delete


  • Streamlined outdoor media agency management system
  • From proposal to pay order creation, A systematic route is developed
  • Security for confidential information
  • Reports can be exported to MS Excel, Pdf, html and other formats
  • Integration with existing accounts software
  • Easy back up and recovery

Development platform:

C# 2.0, Oracle 9i, Crystal reports

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