Binary Quest Limited

Binary Quest is an independent software vendor and technology services company. In my senior year of undergradutate studies at December, 2008 I started working for Binary Quest. It was a wonderful experience to work and truth be told, I have learned quite a lot of things regarding software engineering here. At Binary Quest, I mainly worked with C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, WPF, WCF, Prism.


  • Develop order entry and X ray management module in an ERP system developed for diagonostic centers. I first introduced with Prism and MVVM in this project. Description of the product can be found here.
  • Implement complex business logic in T-SQL for Employee attendance management system software. Each employee has some schedules (shift based) and attendance log. I had to implement an algorithm to calculate the attendance report of the employees. The whole logic was written in stroed procedure for faster report generation.
  • Develop PDCLEcho and PDCLEndoscopy software which works with EchoCardioGram and Endoscopy machine in a Medical Diagnostic Center. Both softwares has patient searching facility, grabbing image from Capture card and generating report. In PDCLEndoscopy, I had to develop a report editor with Rich Text Editor having auto proofing support like Microsoft Word. Padma Diagnostic center Limited, a famous diagnostic center at Dhaka, Bangladesh is using these software packages.
  • Develop MAC address, group based authentication system. This software is developed to allow a person to use some specific softwares in an organization. For instance, if one employee works in cash counter, he needs only those softwares related to this purpose. Softwares like Media player should be prohibited there. This software replaces the original windows shell with a very simple custom shell where only buttons are present to run necessary softwares. This is also used in Padma Diagnostic center Limited.
  • Develop a auto form fill up software for an X-Ray machine. The X-Ray machine operator needs to write user information in the software which is time consuming. Here he just presses a shortcut (i.e. Alt + D), a simple form pops up and takes the order Id and then grabs the user related information using Web Service and fills up the form. X-Ray department of Padma Diagnostic center Limited is using it.