Online Book Shop Management System

As a database sessional term project, we(a two person team) picked Online Book Store Management System. This book store management system has two main parts: customers can search and buy books while the shop administrators can upload new book informations, sample books and perform other administrative functionalities.

Main Functionalities and Reports:

  • Customer Perspective
    • Customer authentication
    • Search books on several criteria(i.e. author, publisher, isbn etc)
    • Add, remove books from cart
    • See previous orders and saved carts(For authenticated customers only)
    • Browse top books of the week
    • Buy books from different branches of the shop at same time
    • Auto generated cash memo after buying books
  • Administration Perspective
    • Upload new books, update book informations
    • Inventory management
    • Daily profit loss calculation
    • Managing different branches of a shop

Development platform: with C# 2.0, Oracle 9i, Crystal reports

Presentation and Entity Relationship diagram

Download presentation here